Township of Readington, Hunterdon County, New Jersey

Readington Recreational Trails

A multi-use system of marked trails and parking access points on Township open space is being developed as cooperative venture between the Readington Township Open Space Advisory Board and the Readington Recreation Department. This is made possible by funding from various state trail development grants and the work of Readington volunteers.

These trails afford individuals and families the opportunity to experience the beauty of Readington, observe various species of plants and animals in their natural habitats, and enhance health and well being through exercise.  

Walking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing and other forms of non-motorized access are permitted on the trails from dawn to dusk. When coming in sight of equestrians, hikers should verbally make themselves known while still at a distance, step aside and allow horse and rider to pass. Mountain biking is not prohibited although the trails have not been prepared as bikeways. Mountain bikers must dismount and yield the right of way when nearing a horse and rider, and must yield to pedestrians.

Please note that some portions of the trail system are subject to hunting in season or are adjacent to private property where hunting may occur. During hunting season it is recommended that you wear blaze orange or restrict your walking to Sundays when hunting is not permitted.

Wildflower Brochure

Forest Hill Preserve - Interpretive Guide

Readington Township Hunting Information

Outdoor Safety Tips


 The Round Mountain Trail System
Constructed in a series of loops and connecting with Hunterdon County trails, it spans the fields and woods from Dreahook Road and the Village of Stanton to Deer Path Park and the banks of the South Branch Raritan River near Dart's Mill.

The Round Mountain Trail System Map Brochure
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Photo Tour of the Round Mountain Trails

The Cole Road Greenway Recreational Trail System  NEW!

Over four miles of new marked trails are nearing completion in this expansive cluster of open space parcels, with off-road trailhead parking on Cole Road and  Pine Bank Road, and shoulder parking on Hillcrest Road. When completed, there will also be a trailhead with off-road parking on Pleasant Run Rd. The trail creation and improvements are funded by two grants from the Federal Recreational Trails Program, through the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. Several local groups have played major roles in the work involved in this project. Special thanks  goes to The Readington Trail Association, who obtained one of the grants and completed the improvements on the west side of Cole Road. Scouts of Troop 186, Three Bridges, and Troop 1969, Stanton spent hundreds of hours on trails projects.

The trails traverse mostly level and gently sloping terrain, along the edges of fields and through forested patches. They are ideal for walking, horseback riding, and cross country skiing in winter. Some unfinished sections are marked with temporary markers and flags.
PLEASE STAY ON THE TRAILS!   Some Portions of the trail corridor are adjacent to or cross private property on access easements.

Cole Road Greenway Map and Directions

The Cushetunk Mountain Trails and Former Vislocky Farm Open Space
The blue-blazed main trail, constructed in cooperation with Hunterdon County Parks, begins in Readington Township at Pickelll Park and terminates in Clinton Township where it intersects with trails in Hunterdon County’s Cushetunk Mountain Preserve. The full length of the trail from Pickelll Park to the parking area of the Cushetunk Mountain Preserve is approximately four miles.

In Readington the trail traverses a number of fields and woods on the former Vislocky farm, and then ascends Cushetunk Mountain. Spurs to the summit provide outstanding views of Round Valley Reservoir.  The Yellow-blazed “Old Dam Loop” trail provides a scenic alternative, passing mysterious stone remains of an old water impoundment. The eight fields of the farm, seemingly marching up the side of the mountain in a double column, provide opportunities for short off-trail walks on their mowed perimeters, and striking views of the mountain.

Access to the Cushetunk Mountain Trail and the Vislocky Farm Open Space is from the parking lot of Pickell Park, after a brief walk past the ball fields.

Cushetunk Mountain Trail Map

Pickell Park to Cushetunk Mountain Section Trail Map

The Lachenmayr Trail

From the North, the yellow-blazed Lachenmayr trail begins at the Roosevelt Road Practice Ball Field parking lot, runs through Township open space behind the Heath Road Development, then along a Township-owned right of way along the edge of the Lachenmayr Farm, next behind the Swackhamer Rd development, then through Township open space, terminating at the trailhead kiosk on Pine Bank Rd near the bridge across the Holland Brook. This trail is actually a 1.3 mile long segment of an extended 4.5 mile long main trunk trail, as the yellow blazes then continue west along a stretch of Pine Bank Road and then turn south into the Cole Road Greenway, finally terminating at Pleasant Run Road. (See the Cole Road Greenway Trail System.) 

A spur trail connecting to Heath Road and several alternate trail routes are marked yellow orange or white blazes.

The trails traverse mostly level and gently sloping terrain, along the edges of fields and through forested patches. They are ideal for walking, horseback riding, and cross country skiing in winter. Parking for the northern terminus is at the Roosevelt Road Practice Field parking area at a large rustic information kiosk, and at the south end in a small pull-off at the trailhead kiosk.

A prominent feature of this trail system is the large open field at the south end of the greenway. It has yielded many stone arrowheads and spear points to farmers plowing in years past, indicating the slope overlooking the Holland Brook stream, may have been a favorite spot for encampments for indigenous peoples over many thousands of years. The implements are currently in the possession of the Readington Museums.

PLEASE STAY ON THE TRAILS!   Some Portions of the trail corridor are adjacent to or cross private property on access easements.

The Lachenmayr Trail Map

The Pleasant Run Greenway
The red-blazed main trail ambles between Summer Road (near Hixson Road) and Pleasant Run Road (near Hoagland Road).  It traverses woods, fields, cedar woods and crosses the Pleasant Run and one of its tributaries. Several yellow-blazed loops and spurs provide opportunities for shorter walks and interesting alternative routes for round-trip hikes. The trails are a favorite for equestrians; please be considerate and yield way when encountering a horse and rider. This trail system will connect to a future trail between Summer Road and Lazy Brook Road and also to Summer Road Park.

Pleasant Run Greenway Trail Map and Directions Brochure


Lazy Brook Trail System
This trail system is on preserved land, both open fields and forested stream corridors between two preserved farms and accessible both from the Summer Road Park to the east and the Pleasant Run Trail to the north. It is expected to be fully completed by December 2017 and has a large trail-head for horse trailers on Summer Road.

           Lazy Brook Trail System - Preliminary Map 


East Whitehouse Greenway
One of Readington's oldest trails takes you on a walk with views from bluffs over looking the Rockaway Creek.

East Whitehouse Greenway Trail Map


Forest Hill Preserve
This educational trail is located within Three Bridges Village with two trail access points, one on Forest Hill Drive and one on Case Avenue. It was the site of a former tree nursery and now includes a loop trail with views of farm fields and tree identification signs and a deer exclosure.

          Forest Hill Preserve Trail map