Township of Readington, Hunterdon County, New Jersey

Open Space Totals
Readington Township Preserved Lands, December 2017

Readington Overview (approx. 8,920.8 / 30,000 acres = 29.7% preserved lands)

Preserved Farmland*             4,852 acres (approximately 73 Farms )

Preserved Open Space**      4,069.8 acres

                                  Total         8,920.8 acres


** Preserved Open Space – by Township / County / State (fee only) / BoE / Common

Readington Township Open Space 2,276 acres
Hunterdon County Park System 748 acres
NJ State & NJ Wildlife Management Preserves 865 acres
Readington Board of Education 107 acres
Private Open Space (Common-owned) 195 acres

*Includes easements purchased using both Farmland Preservation and Green Acres money plus farmland easements acquired through cluster development.

Info as of Dec 19, 2017. Sources: County PIG Project Area Summary and Readington Township Master Plan.

Open Space Advisory Board