Thursday, September 06, 2007


The meeting is called to order by Chair Fort at 7:30  pm.  This meeting has been duly advertised and all requirements of the Open Public Meetings Act have been satisfied.


I.  Minutes


II. Correspondence


III. Old Business

          A.  Megan Schuster—Hall House Gardens

          B.  Chris Pickell—Stickney Guest House Bid Package (? About oil tank)

          C.  Hall House

                   1.  Transplanting peonies and daffodils—Saturday work day?

                   2.  Plastering

                   3.  Circelli

          D.  Bouman-Stickney

                   1.  Plastering

                   2.  Oil tank

                   3.  Bridge


          E.  Guest House

                   1.  Plastering

                   2.  Timetable for bid package—do we need to do anything?


          F.  Programs

                   1.  Barn Dance—date, refreshments, confirm caller, sweep barn, PR

                   2.  Hall House—need program, volunteers

          3.  Lecture series—refreshments (I’ll do if not in HMC—or Carrier     


                   4.  Cold Brook School—dates, clean schoolhouse, other schools


          G.  Grants

                   1.  Update on Trust Grant

                   2.  Are we current on all reports?


IV.  New Business

          A.  Sarrow Barn Rental

          B.  Fall exhibit?

          C.  Winter Holiday event

          D.  Intern report

          E.  Evaluation of Eversole-Hall House program—Kim

          F.  Update on Third Grade  program


V.  Administrator’s Report


VI.  Adjourn