Meeting Agenda

April 5, 2007

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m.  It has been duly advertised and all requirements of the Open Public Meetings Act have been satisfied.


I.  Minutes

II.  Correspondence

III.  Old Business

          A.  School Programs

                   1.  5th Grade

                   2.  4th Grade—Tewksbury

          B.  Other Programs

                   1.  Eversole Hall House Open Hours

                   2.  Barn Dance

                             a.  Workday—April 17—bring shop vacs

          C.  Construction Projects

                   1.  Hall House Cellar

                   2.  Guest Cottage and Bridge

                   3.  Meeting with Vita re. how to proceed

D.  Archaeology Dig

E.  Newsletter

F.  Readington Book

          G.  Parade

IV.  New Business

          A.  ALHFAM

          B.  Historic Preservation Award

          C.  Dehumidifier for CBS

          D.  Removal of Oil Tank at Stickney

          E.  7th Committee Member?

          F.  Pamphlets?

          G.  Amy vacation—1st three weeks of September

V.  Administrator’s Report

VI.  Adjourn