Agenda for April 6, 2006 Meeting


I.    Call to order.  Sunshine Law compliance


II.   Minutes


III.  Correspondence


IV.  Old Business


            a.  Update on Hall House


            b.  Update on Guest House


            c.  Garden Plans


                        1.  Stickney—Reimburse Rich for garden fencing, etc.


                        2.  Hall House—can we do anything there?


            d.  Update on Pheasants Forever


            e.  Barn Dance


            f.  Memorial Day Parade


            g.  Fifth Grade Program


V.   New Business


            a.  Mr. Himmelstein’s Report


            b.  Approve use of Barn at B-S for Township Airport Presentation—May 7th, 2:30-4:00


            c.  Report on Guest House Oil Tank


            d.  Report on Conference—Amy


VI.  Administrator’s Report


V.   Open to Public


VI.  Adjourn