SEPTEMBER 19, 2005


A.        Mayor Gatti calls the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. announcing that all laws governing the Open Public Meetings Act have been met and that this meeting has been duly advertised.


B.        EXECUTIVE SESSION:      


Contract Negotiations/Block 22, Lot 49 (Rescue Squad)

Contract Negotiations/Block 15, Lot 4 (Arnaudy)

Contract Negotiations/Block 64, Lots 29 (Chesla)

Contract Negotiations/Block 70, Lot 38.02 (Kean) 

Contract Negotiations/Block 39, Lots 49 & 14.04 and Block 40, Lot 2 (Peters)

Contract Negotiations/Disposition of MacArthur/Ditmars House

            Contract Negotiations/Awarding of Bikeway - Pedestrian Walkway Bid

            Contract Negotiations/Awarding of Hunting Bids

Contract Negotiations/Awarding of Ambulance Bid

Contract Negotiations/Awarding of Renovation to the Eversole Hall House Bid

Contract Negotiations/Professional Services - Fisher & Phillips, LLP

            Personnel/Police Department

            Attorney-Client Privilege/Executive Session Minutes (September 6, 2005)


C.                 SALUTE TO THE FLAG.




E.         CONSENT AGENDA:                                                                     


All items listed with an asterisk “r” are considered to be routine by the Township Committee and will be enacted by one motion.  There will be no separate discussion of these items unless a Committee member or citizen requests, in which event the item will be re-moved from the General Order of Business and considered in its normal sequence on the agenda.                                                                                                      


F.     r  APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES of meeting of September 6, 2005.




1.         Notice dated August 31, 2005 from William G. Dressel, Jr., Executive Director, NJ State League of Municipalities regarding Fuel Cost Cap Relief.


            2.         Resolution from the Borough of Frenchtown in support of State funding for State mandated use of Alcotest.


3.         Notice dated August 9, 2005 from Debra J. Schulze, Planning Board Clerk, Hillsborough Township, regarding public meeting regarding the Hillsborough Township Master Plan - Phase II.


4.         Resolution from the Township of Mansfield opposing exclusion of State from CAP Law (“Goose and the Gander”).



5.         Resolution from the Borough of Milford regarding “Goose and the Gander” requesting that legislation be enacted to impose limits on the Annual NJ State Budget to include spending limitations comparable to those required of Municipalities, Counties, Authorities and School Districts.


6.         Resolution from the Township of West Amwell opposing exclusion of State from CAP Law (“Goose and the Gander”).


            7.         Resolution from the Township of West Amwell in support of State funding for State mandated use of Alcotest.


8.         Letter dated August 31, 2004 from Edward A. Kuc, Principal Ecologist, Eastern States Environmental Associates, Inc. regarding NJDEP General Permit Authorization - Whitehouse Station Walkway Project, Block 21.12, Lots 34, 34.01, 34.02, 38 & 39.


            9.         Letter dated September 1, 2005 from Jeff Tareila Environmental Consultants, regarding Letter of Interpretation application - American Dream at Stanton Ridge, Block 45, Lots 26.03 & 26.08 (entire file available for review in the Clerk’s Office).


             10.      Letter dated August 18, 2005 from Troy L. Ettel, Director of Conservation & Stewardship, NJ Audubon Society, regarding preservation of Solberg Airport. 


H.                OLD BUSINESS:

1.                  Wilmark Building Contractors, Inc. - request for release of Performance Bond.


2.         Block 74, Lot 27 (Chesla) - design review by Historic Preservation Commission.


I.                   NEW BUSINESS:   


1.                  Amendment to Stream Corridor Ordinance - introduction.


2.         East Whitehouse Fire Company - new vehicle purchase.


3.         Request for permission to hold wedding at the Bouman-Stickney Farmstead:

                          Serrani & Semler

                          Holck & Lemieux


        r  4.         Stanton Properties, LLC/Block 45, Lot 5 - request for release of unused escrow funds.


    r      5.         Stanton Properties, LLC/Block 45, Lots 26 & 26.03 - request for release of unused escrow funds.


       r   6.         Whitehouse Management, LLC/Block 36, Lot 47 - request for release of     

             unused escrow funds.


        r 7.         Derwid/Block 20, Lot 17.01 - request for release of unused escrow funds.


        r  8.         Application for Blue Light Permit - Donald Sigler.


    r      9.         Applications for Raffles License - Round Valley Trout Association.



J.                  ADMINISTRATOR’S REPORT:


K.                ATTORNEY’S REPORT:


L.                 ENGINEER’S REPORT:


M.              COMMITTEE REPORTS:


1.   Frank Gatti:                                                                                

Finance Department

                  r    a.   Payment of the Bills.

                  Police Department

Planning Board                                                                                          

Historic Preservation/Museums


            2.   Gerry Shamey:

Liaison to Fire Companies and Rescue Squad

Engineering, Roads, Maintenance & Recycling

School Crossing Guards


            3.   Julia Allen:                      

                  Planning Board      

                  County Ag. Develop. Board Liaison

Farmland\Open Space Preservation\Land Projects Liaison

Sewer Advisory Committee


            4.   Thomas Auriemma:

Recreation Department                  

Library Services

Code Enforcement Department\Construction Code Department


            5.   Beatrice Muir:

Board of Health

Public Assistance

                  Municipal Court

                  Animal Control      


N.                COMMENTS FROM THE PUBLIC.