JANUARY 16, 2007


A.        Mayor Shamey calls the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. announcing that all laws governing the Open Public Meetings Act have been met and that this meeting has been duly advertised.


B.        EXECUTIVE SESSION:      


Personnel/Personnel Matters

Contract Negotiations/Local 469 - White Collar Contract

Contract Negotiations/Block 63, Lot 13 (Accettola)

Contract Negotiations/Block 69, Lot 12 (American Classics, LLC - Developer’s Agt.)

Contract Negotiations/Block 65, Lots 12 & 12.01 (Little)

Contract Negotiations/Professional Services

AEIS - Inspection of Lake Cushetunk Dam

Sharon A. Dragan, Esq. – Twp. Attorney

Suplee, Clooney & Company - Municipal Auditor Services

McManimon & Scotland – Bond Attorneys

Martin Allen, Esq. – Tax Attorney

Fisher & Phillips, LLP – Labor Attorney

Hatch, Mott, MacDonald – Expert Services

Princeton Hydro, LLC – General Environmental Consulting Services

            ClarkegCatongHintz – Professional Planning & Landscape Architectural Services

            JWS Computers – Computer Maintenance

            Key-Tech – Construction Inspection & Materials Services

Mason, Griffin & Pierson

Gebhardt & Kiefer, PC

Litigation/Lamington Hospitality, LLC.

Litigation/Waste Management v. Readington Township

            Litigation/Wilmark Building Contractors, Inc. vs. Township of Readington Board of

                 Adjustment, Township of Readington, John Doe and Mary Roe

Litigation/Block 48, Lot 23; Block 55, Lot 33; Block 56, Lots 1, 3, 6, & 8;                                               Block 39, Lot 24 and Block 67, Lot 2 (Solberg Aviation/Hromoho)


C.                 SALUTE TO THE FLAG.




E.         CONSENT AGENDA:                                                                     

All items listed with an asterisk “r” are considered to be routine by the Township Committee and will be enacted by one motion.  There will be no separate discussion of these items unless a Committee member or citizen requests, in which event the item will be removed from the General Order of Business and considered in its normal sequence on the agenda.                                                                                                      


F.     r APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES of meetings of December 18, 2006; December 28, 2006 & January 2, 2007.





1.         Notice dated December 21, 2006 from William G. Dressel, Jr., Executive Director, NJ State League of Municipalities regarding opposition to A-3857 – Regional Contribution Agreements.     


2.         Notice dated January 3, 2007 from William G. Dressel, Jr., Executive Director, NJ State League of Municipalities regarding opposition to A-2 which would establish an independent Office of the State Comptroller & opposition to the new property tax levy cap. 


3.         Notice from Drinker, Biddle & Reath, LLP regarding Public Hearing before the Twp. of Bedminster Planning Board  - Lobell North, LLC, Block 44, Lots 2.01 & 2.01, Bedminster Township (entire file available for review in the Clerk’s Office).


4.         Notice dated December 14, 2006 from Donna J. Burham, Acting Municipal Clerk, Twp. of Clinton, regarding adoption of the following:


·        Ordinance #917-06 Correcting the Zoning Map to make it consistent with the Clinton Township Master Plan. 

·        Ordinance #918-06 Supplementing & Amending Article XXII, “AH-3 Affordable Housing,” of Chapter  165 entitled “Land Use Regulations,” (Increasing the Affordable Housing Development Fees for Residential Projects).


5.         Letter dated January 5, 2007 from C. Larry Tatsch, Mayor, Twp. of East Amwell,

            regarding Farm Laborer Quarters.


6.         Letter dated December 15, 2006 from Robert P. Koska, Director, New Jersey Transit, regarding 2073 FTA Section 5310 Grant Notification.


7.         Notice dated December 12, 2006 from Sandra Kehrley, PE, PK Environmental Planning & Engineering, regarding submission to NJDEP for Minor Stream – Mill Brook Farm, Block 1, Lots 1 & 1.02 (Raritan Twp.) and Block 33, Lot 2 (Franklin Twp.).


8.         Letter dated December 8, 2006 from Edward A. Kuc, Principal Ecologist, Eastern States Environmental Associates, Inc. regarding application for Letter of Interpretation - Spillane, Block 55, Lot 21 (entire file available for review in the Clerk’s Office).




1.                  Solberg Airport - update by Mayor Shamey.


            2.         Country Classics Legacy at Readington – recommendation for street name.


I.          NEW BUSINESS:


            1          Letter of Resignation from RLSA – Kathy Tilton.



2.         Stanton Ridge Homeowners’ Association – sale of wastewater treatment plant to     Aqua New Jersey.


3.         Amendment to Ordinance Pertaining to Fees For Copies of Public Records – introduction.


4.         Block 36, Lots 9 & 27 (Cook)/Ordinance – introduction.


            5.         Bikeway/Pedestrian Walkway – request to use performance bond as maintenance bond.


       r  6.         Green Brook Racing, LLC - request for permission to hold a sprint and Olympic distance triathlon on Sunday, September 9, 2007.   


      r   7.         Vacation Carryover - Resolution.


      r   8.         Jacobs/Block 38, Lot 81 - request for release of unused Board of Health escrow funds.


      r   9.         Application for Social Affair Permit – Friends of the Shelter.


 r   10.       Application for Membership in NJ Firemen’s Association – Jacob Chavarria.


 r   11.       Application for Membership in NJ Firemen’s Association – Paul D. Hutchins.


 r   12.       Application for Blue Light Permit – Henry R. Lee.


      r   13.       Application for Blue Light Permit – Joe Bishop.


      r   14.       Application for Blue Light Permit – Ron Anastasi.


      r   15.       Application for Blue Light Permit – Brian J. Apgar.









            1.   Gerry Shamey:

Engineering, Roads, Maintenance & Recycling

Code Enforcement Department\Construction Code Department

Senior Services

School Crossing Guards


2.   Julia Allen:                      

Planning Board      

County Ag. Develop. Board Liaison

Farmland\Open Space Preservation\Land Projects Liaison

Sewer Advisory Committee



3.   Thomas Auriemma:

Liaison to Fire Companies and Rescue Squad

Recreation Department                  

Library Services


4.   Frank Gatti:        

                  Finance Department

      ra.      Payment of the Bills.

Police Department

Historic Preservation/Museums


5.   Beatrice Muir:

Board of Health

Public Assistance

                  Municipal Court

r a.  Municipal Court & Violations Bureau Report for December, 2006.

Animal Control







P.               ADJOURNMENT