MARCH 21, 2005


A.        Mayor Gatti calls the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. announcing that all laws governing the Open Public Meetings Act have been met and that this meeting has been duly advertised.




Personnel/Police Department   

            Personnel/Readington Library

            Contract Negotiations/Block 36, Lots 9 & 27 (Cook)

Contract Negotiations/Block 80, Lots 1 & 2 (Illva Saronno)

Contract Negotiations/Block 65, Lots 12 & 12.01 (Little)

Contract Negotiations/Block 98, Lot 2  (Padovani)

            Contract Negotiations/Mutual Aid Firefighters Agreement

Litigation/Wilmark Building Contractors, Inc. v. Readington Township Planning                Board and Readington Township, Township of Readington Board of Adjustment  Docket No. HNT-L-132-03                       

            Attorney-Client Privilege/Executive Session Minutes

Contract Negotiations/Professional Services:

                        JWS Computers

                        Edwards & Kelcey



                        Richard B. Reading Assoc.

                        Princeton Public Affairs Group


C.                 SALUTE TO THE FLAG.






All items listed with an asterisk “r” are considered to be routine by the Township Committee and will be enacted by one motion.  There will be no separate discussion of these items unless a Committee member or citizen requests, in which event the item will be removed from the General Order of Business and considered in its normal sequence on the agenda.                                                                                                           


F.     r APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES of meeting of March 7, 2005.




1.         Memorandum dated February 28, 2005 from Caroline Armstrong, Director, Hunterdon County Planning Board, regarding invitation to serve on the Hunterdon County Cross-Acceptance Negotiating Committee.


2.         Memorandum dated March 15, 2005 from Sharon L. Brienza, Municipal Clerk, Twp. of Branchburg, regarding public hearing of Ordinance #2005-979 Amending the Land Development Ordinance of the Twp. of Branchburg by amending Article VII of the Provisions of Enforcement.”


3.         Resolution from the Town of Clinton expressing opposition to Freeholders initiating a challenge to the Highlands Resolution.


            4.         Notice dated March 3, 2005 from Rebecca E. D’Alleinne, Planning Board Administrator regarding public hearing of the 2005 Clinton Township Stormwater Management Plan.


5.         Notice dated March 9, 2005 from James Humphries, Planner, Twp. of Raritan, regarding public hearing of proposed amendment to the Raritan Twp. Master Plan.


6.         Notice dated March 8, 2005 from Rose Sollena, Deputy Twp. Clerk, Twp. of Raritan, regarding adoption of the following:


      Resolution #05-57 expressing support for Assembly Bill A-1835 & Senate Bill

S-1023 which requires the state to reimburse municipalities for the reimbursement & payment of property taxes that disabled veterans are exempt from.

      Resolution #05-58  in support of A-860 requiring school districts to provide transportation to public & non-public schools for students living along hazardous routes.


            7.         Notice dated February 25, 2005 from Barbara Nyitrai, Municipal Clerk, Twp. of South Brunswick, regarding adoption of the following:


      Resolution objecting to the Federal Government’s cuts to Community Development Block Grant Funds.

      Resolution urging the State of New Jersey to specifically prohibit the practice known as “Engine Braking.”


            8.         Notice from McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter, LLP, regarding hearing before the Tewksbury Township Zoning Board of Adjustment - JCP&L, Block 46, Lot 88.


            9.         Letter dated March 3, 2005 from Lou Cattuna, Section Chief, Bureau of Inland Regulation, NJDEP regarding NJDEP Freshwater Wetlands Letter of Interpretation/ Line Verification - Emmett & Company, Block 12.01, Lots 14.01 & 15 (entire file available for review in the Clerk’s Office).                           


 10.         Letter dated February 25, 2005 from Lou Cattuna, Section Chief, Bureau of Inland Regulation, NJDEP regarding NJDEP Freshwater Wetlands Letter of Interpretation/ Line Verification - Platinum Builders/Henry Lewis, Block 96, Lot 24 (entire file available for review in the Clerk’s Office).                      


 11.         Letter dated March 7, 2005 from James R. Frace, regarding request for a Letter of Interpretation - Renda, Block 38, Lots 54, 74 & 75 (entire file available for review in the Clerk’s Office).


          12.         Letter dated March 9, 2005 from Amy S. Greene, President, Amy S. Greene Environmental Consultants, Inc. regarding Application for NJDEP Presence/Absence Letter of Interpretation, Oak Developers, LLC, Block 22, Lot 66 (entire file available for review in the Clerk’s Office).




H.          OLD BUSINESS:


1.            Ordinance regarding conduct at sporting events - consideration.


I.             NEW BUSINESS:


         1.            Bus Trip for WWII Veterans from Hunterdon & Warren Counties - request for donation.


2.            Whitehouse Village District - nomination for National Register of Historic Places.


3.            Ochavo Studios - request for permission to film in various locations in Readington Township.


         4.            COAH Plan/Round III - discussion.


         5.            2005 Salary Ordinance - introduction.


6.            Ordinance to provide for acceptance of a portion of Block 39, Lot 14.01 for Public Roadway Purposes from Catherine Spagnuolo, individually, and as Executor of the Estate of Carol Sunderhoft - introduction.


       r  7.         Readington Township Museums - Grant Application.


       r 8.         Postponement of Mortgage - 403 South Branch Drive/Bortnyk.


       r  9.         2004 Budget Appropriation Reserve Transfers - resolution.


       r10.         Request from the American Legion Auxiliary for permission to hold annual poppy sale (May 1st to May 31st).


       r11.         Or Chadash - the Reform Temple of Hunterdon County - request for refund of unused Raffles License fee.


       r12.         Application for Membership in NJ Firemen’s Association - Michael B. Kloos.


       r13.         Application for Blue Light Permit - Matthew Hoffman.


J.                  ADMINISTRATOR'S REPORT:

K.                ATTORNEY'S REPORT:

L.                 ENGINEER'S REPORT:

M.               COMMITTEE REPORTS:

            1.   Frank Gatti:        

Finance Department

                  r   a.   Lien Redemption - resolution.

                  r   b.   Payment of the Bills.

                  Police Department

Planning Board

Historic Preservation/Museums


            2.   Gerry Shamey:

Liaison to Fire Companies and Rescue Squad

Engineering, Roads, Maintenance & Recycling

School Crossing Guards


            3.   Julia Allen:                      

                  Planning Board    

                  County Ag. Develop. Board Liaison

Farmland\Open Space Preservation\Land Projects Liaison

Sewer Advisory Committee


            4.   Thomas Auriemma:

                  Recreation Department                

Library Services

Code Enforcement Department\Construction Code Department


            5.   Beatrice Muir:

Board of Health

Public Assistance

                  Municipal Court

r a.      Municipal Court & Violations Bureau Report for February, 2005.

                  Animal Control






P.                 ADJOURNMENT.



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